Tome 03: His forgotten forever


TITRE: His forgotten forever

AUTEUR: Michele Hauf

EDITEUR: Inédit en français


After waking in an alley without memory of his life, Truvin Stone then stumbles into a cathedral–where he is forcibly baptized. If that’s not strange enough, a kind soul brings him home and tries to convince him he’s a vampire (Which may be true. Who can argue fangs?).
Lucy Morgan has always enjoyed helping others, but it’s time she started taking care of herself, fulfilling goals and dreams. The moment they met, she connected to Truvin, and even when things get weird–vampires and witches have started pursuing them both–she won’t deny herself this opportunity for love.

A war between the vampires and witches has been brewing for centuries, and Truvin may possibly have stirred it to a boil. He must get back his memory before the witches and priest chasing him with a cross get to him first. For a holy wound will never heal; no vampire can survive. But now that he’s a taste of a new life unhampered by his past indiscretions can he truly go back to being the same man he once was?

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