Tome 01: Tall, dark and dead


TITRE: Tall, Dark and Dead

AUTEUR: Tate Hallaway

EDITEUR: Inédit en français


Garnet Lacy, who is hiding from the witch-slaying Vatican agents known as the Order of Eustace, and who wants no more supernatural help from interfering Lilith, figures it’s best to hide in plain sight, so she acquires a job managing an occult bookstore. Eschewing magic to stay undetected by the agents (and also because her cat familiar is allergic to it), Garnet has no desire to hook up with anybody the least bit magical, until Sebastian Von Traum walks in looking for mandrake root. Because Garnet can see auras, it is obvious that Sebastian is a vampire. But he is also a witch who achieved immortality along with the ability to not fry in sunlight. The Vatican wants his formula, his eternally adolescent vampire son may be in cahoots with them, and another vampire has taken up residence in Garnet’s home along with Lilith

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